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broken lease minnesota

my tenant moved out 8 months into her 1year lease. She completely vacated. Three days later she now wants to move back in as my lease has a 1000.00 rerent clause and she new it from the beginning but now does not want to pay it. She is playing lets make a deal and does not seem to understand this is a legal document. She had damaged and stolen from her fellow tenants and they do not want her in the house. Do I have to let her back in and can I hold her responsible for her full lease amount?

No you do not have to let her back in and if she has stolen from roommates they should report it as a criminal activity. She had moved out and she needs to stay out, especially if she will not pay the re-rent fee.  If you must make it more official then it already is, start the eviction process for that tenant and submit the proper paperwork tot he courts.
If I follow through with eviction can I still go to small claims ct to recoup all my rent. Can I add any attorney fees and court fees and eviction fee and my time onto my claim in court?
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