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Hostile Roommate wont let other get new roomate

I have a 4 bed room house  4 people live in the house boy & girl friend guy roommate and girl friends sister..  the sister is the hostile  (narcissistic Bully).  so girl friend broke up and has given 30 notice will move out not problem  the two boy want to stay but hate the sister, honestly I hate her too, she only there because of the girlfriend.  I have given the sister a 30 day notice. and the boys have found new roommates.   the sister has taken over two bed rooms in the house one for her cat (which has cause a lot of damage). she wont move her stove out of either of the bed rooms.  I told her she has to move out of one of them and she send me a letter claiming the California law "quite enjoyment between tenant and landlord.   are you kidding  I cant say what I really feel I want to tell.  She has bulled these boys  they too have the right to quite enjoyment.      My big question is  can I just tell to knock it off let the new roommate move in and move her stuff out of one of the rooms  or does she really get to hold the house hostage for the next 30 days
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You need to officially evict the tenant as you would with any eviction if she becomes violent or threatens people make sure 911 is called and that may help get her out with a 3 or 7 day notice or what ever your state requires.
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