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Negotiating a breakage of a lease

My tenant has decided to terminate and break his lease early. In order to re-rent the property as soon as possible he suggested to lower the rent and that he would pay me (landlord) the difference for the remainder of his one year lease term which is 6 months.   Is this legal to do? It was his idea and came to me with that option..  Thanks, Ralph

Well that sounds like a scam. If it is a year long lease breaking the lease comes with penalties. You have the right to collect the rent for the remainder of the time of the whole term. Tel l the tenant your lawyer said so. Lowering the rent is ridiculous it seems like he is just trying to scam his way out. I would have my attorney on speed dial!
Currently rents are on the increase in many areas of California so there does not seem to be a need to lower rent in order to find a replacement tenant.  Negotiate the lease break fee based on the terms the lease agreement allows and advertise the rental as available by a reasonable date allowing for inspection and repair after the current tenant will vacate.  Tell your current tenant that the best way to re-rent quickly is for him to be flexible about showing the rental and to keep the rental clean and neat for showing.
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