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Increasing Rent

My property is in Maryland and my tenant has been here almost a year considering increasing the rent just not sure what appreciate. I currently charge 1550 considering increasing it to 1600. I do allow her to run her business out of my property. The property is in a very good neighborhood and fully upgraded. Any suggestions? ?

What are the other properties in the neighborhood renting for?  This is the big one, also look into what offices nearby rent for if the tenant is living and working there they have a double use for the house which can mean more wear and tear.  This price that you have noted seems like a pretty fair raise in rent.  Just make sure that there is not a regulated increase in your city. Usually unless you are in a major metropolitan you should be ok.
In CA if you are raising your rent more than 10 percent you must give 60 days notice and if you are raising the rent 10% or less you would have to give at least 30 days notice.
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