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Tenant + roomate

So, none of the applicants can afford the place I am renting on his/her own and only single people applied.  However, everyone of them stated that they will have a roommate to share the house and the cost with.  If I was to sign the lease with one of them, who do I go into contract with? The applicant only? The applicant and the roommate?I f its both, are they responsible 50/50? How do I go about this?

Grace, You would want to sign a contract with all parties responsible for paying money. People not responsible would also need to at least be listed to help protect you and your property to the fullest.
I've picked my tenant and screened her roommate. I would like to sign the contract with the tenant only and use the Roommate Agreement addendum that specifies some legal obligations of both.  Would that work?  I really don't want to get involved in choosing my tenant's roommate; if she chooses someone and I am ok with that person and include this person's name on the addendum, would that suffice? I want my tenant to take responsibility for her choices; she is responsible to me for the entire rent. If her roommate does not pay her I really don't want to get involved.
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