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Return of security deposit after at/after vacancy

My tenants showed me the 'lease' they signed (that I prepared) and it stated, to my surprise, that ALL money is to be returned to the tenant upon vacating!   I have looked through the CA Residential Lease Package here on EZ Landlord Forms and have not seen that statement printed anywhere.  I also looked at the lease copy I had given them and nowhere does it state that as well.  Unfortunately at that time I had to because it was there in writing.  I am wondering if they created a look alike lease to fool me.  Does anyone have any idea if this line of wording would even be in a lease agreement when it's obvious that one has to look over the rental to see what repairs need to be completed.  I know typically it's up to 3-4 weeks to return funds.  Thanks in advance.
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I'm not sure where they got that lease or how they made changes, but in California landlords have 21 days to return the security deposit with a list of deductions if any. Returning in on the spot makes no sense, because you have to assess damages, plus calculate interest. I hope everything works out for you.   Good Luck
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