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very early termination

Tenant signs lease 3 days before the lease date, Eh gave 1st month rent, and 1 mont equiv. as Security.  He moves in some of his stuff. But the day before the effective date, he wants OUT of the lease, claiming some  emergency in his old country, and have to go back immediately, and not coming back to the USA.  Landlord turned down a bunch of prospects, saying the place is rented.  Should he get his money back? I f so , some of it, or all?
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This security may be kept for breaking the lease as compensation to help cover costs while finding another tenant. If the tenant helps find a suitable tenant or you can come to a deal you may be able to strike a common ground and give security back since they won't be there for the full month that they already paid for. You should keep the one month then be fair and give security back. You will have a paid full month there. Just make sure you get the deal on paper as a sign mutual termination of lease agreement.
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