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Renewal date

We have tenants with a lease that expired 2 years ago that have been on month to month terms since then. They now want to renew for a one year lease and I'm not sure how to date the agreements. Should I sign it with a current date and a one year future lease term? Or do I need to back date it to when the original lease expired (2014) and cover a 2 year renewal term - this past year plus one more year in the future. I may be splitting hairs but I just want to do things right. They are dream tenants and we don't even want to increase the rent.   Thank you. Shawna
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You can simply write a whole new lease as it is for a new term.  This would be the least confusing and you may state in the lease the fact that they have been in the unit prior. You would also want to take advantage of this time and do a walkthrough and inspection of the property.
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