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Tenant is unwilling to give written notice if they plan to renew or not at the end of a yearly lease

I have at lease agreement with tenant for the term of 1 year in the State of NC.  I have given written notices to the tenant that their lease will expire on July 31.  The written notice was given to tenant 30 - 45 days prior to the lease expiration date.  My lease does not have an automatic renew clause nor will the lease automatically goes into a month to month if Tenant stays beyond the lease term.  How can I verify if the state of NC has a law which would allow the tenant to rent month to month without a signed agreement and over ride my yearly lease agreement with the Tenant?
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They cannot stay later than the date you set to expire, it sounds like you gave proper notice. They cannot go month to month when you strictly sent aa non-renewal notice. However if they do not leave you cannot just change locks you must evict them.
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