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Tenant Signed lease, but didn't date

I sent my tenant a new lease years ago, but didn't notice until now that they didn't sign it.  Is the lease still valid without it being dated when they signed?

I will preface by saying I am not attorney but I am a landlord who had the same thing happen in one of my units. As it did go to an eviction, it was still held valid because I held a check for the security deposit the same day as signing and the same day that was noted in the lease. If you have this transaction you can be assured that in most cases this will hold up. Check your records, bank statements and deposits for anything that may help with putting an official timestamp on the signing of the lease.
yes !  it is an extention of the first lease
I have misplaced the initial month to month agreement (lease) for one of my tenants. Can I ask my tenant to sign a new one? Should I back date it to their move in date or date it the date of signing?
Yes you can have them sign a new one (@ Jennifer), it's a M2M contract.  It can change at any time upon notice.  I wouldn't back date it.
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