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Pool Equipment Repair/replacement

Are tenants liable for condition of pool equipment if their negligence has voided the warranty? Also, if equipment was new when tenant moved in and now the equipment looks like it is twenty years old (after 6 months) because they left it lying in the pool while they put chemicals in and left pool equipment in pool for extended periods of time exceeding two weeks when they were told to take the equipment out of pool after each use?  And if equipment malfunctions due to misuse?  A pool addendum was signed by tenants. Instructions on pool equipment and maintenance were given to tenants verbally by owner of property on two occasions in person and hands on, pool company was hired to go over maintenance of pool with tenants once and written instructions were given at beginning of lease and manual sent to them via e-mail.  Can we charge them for replacement of entire unit given these circumstances?

Oh and this is for a Florida home
You can certainly try.  Have all of your evidence ready in case this goes to court.  It is rare for tenants to have the financial wherewithal to pay but you may certainly obtain a judgement and if the tenant has means to pay or a wage to garnish you may be successful in collecting.
Can we take it out of their security deposit?
If the deposit will cover the damages then yes.  Be sure to complete the statement of deposit showing all the deductions and send it to the former tenant within the deadline.  If you plan to send receipt info, send copies not originals because if it does go to court, you will need the originals.
Owning a [url=]Swimming Pool[/url] comes with a lot of responsibility in addition to making sure it’s working right. You have a legal duty to make sure the pool is safely maintained. If not, you may be held liable for any injuries or deaths caused by your failure to follow the safety regulations.
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