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Unauthorized Occupants

I just had tenants move out and they didn't destroy the place so I should be thankful!  However, I did come to find out that they had other family members living with them for some portion of the lease who were not included on their lease agreement.  In the lease agreement each occupant was clearly listed by name.  The next clause states that any additions need to be authorized through the landlord and may be subject to an adjustment in the amount of their rent.  They did not do that and just hid the fact from me.  Neighbors at my property made me aware of the situation.  What are my rights now that the tenants have already vacated the premises?  I'm guessing none.  Or can I withhold their security deposit?  I was already planning to withhold some of it for the damages beyond normal wear and tear.  My property is in MD so I doubt the law will be on my side, as its more of a tenant-friendly state.
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Do not bother with it if they have left the property, there is not much you can do now. You may end up making things worse rather than just a clean break. If your neighbors were that concerned they should have told you during the lease.  The fact that they left it good shape may mean that the other occupant were not there that long or fell on hard times. There are times to be sympathetic and times to not be however. Leave it as is and spend more effort on getting another set of good tenants in there.
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