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Rental Inspection for illegal substance

How often should a property owner inspect outside and/or inside of their rental property? My renter has a partner who was cultivating illegal substance on my property.  I asked my renter to no longer have this partner stay with-in the house and/or property.  I have reason to believe he is still living there, but, am not sure.  I not not run over to check up everyday to see whether or not this person is there.  We had a rather large misunderstanding about the illegal cultivation of illegal substance, she does not understand I could of put both of them in jail, her children could of been taken away until court hearings and since this was a Friday evening which I found the pot, she would of been in jail for the wee-end.  Needless to say--the good relationship which I had with my tenant is not what is was in the beginning. I unfortunately did not call the police, report this to the police but made it clear that he was not to be on the premises, or I would need to evict her and her two small children, which I do not want to do. It is also time for her to prove to me she continues to carry car, rental and current drivers license.  It is past time for her to sign and return the change of battery in smoke detector & CO2 detector.   These are conditions of the lease which we both signed. Every time I give her at least 24 notice or more to inspect--she gets upset when I show up.  How often does a landlord need to inspect their property? Any suggestions would be appreciated. My property is in Cleveland Ohio, Cuyahoga County.
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You can state in your lease how often you will be doing inspections. You as the landlord have the right to enter with 24 hours notice. If you have a tenant or occupant with a history or suspected of illegal activity you can do inspections as often as you feel but should not be harassing.  This is why it is often better to set a schedule. Also feel free to evict the occupant and tenant if need be. Good Luck and call the cops if all else fails.
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