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House Needs Tenting

I have a house that I'm renting to a family of 4 people and two dogs.  The house needs Tenting for termites and the family need to be out of the house for three nights.  They are not happy with pro rated rent, stating the amount does not cover their expenses to be out of the house, the lost food and inconvenience.  What is fair compensations?  Thank you. Bill Gruener
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Unfortunately things like this do happen, you should be able to cover full expenses for a hotel rate for the number of nights the tenants need to be put up. As for the loss of food and such they could pre-pack and take with or cut their losses. For a family of four for one week of food an extra $100 should greatly help and cover that expense. You do not need to cover their Wholefoods shopping expense. Think of it as if they were the home owners, no one would even help, it is great that you are trying to help and compensate but do not stretch yourself too thin.
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