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A Fibbing Tenant

I have a tenant that some of her rent is HUD 269.00 & the remainder 356.00 is hers well gave her a good deal let her move in with half Deposit & first months rent, the next month she was not only late but wouldn't send late fees or some on Deposit which i have had great results with past renter. so I start to evict her she shows me a letter where she is going to receive 18,000 from a car accident. now behind on deposit 2 month plus some rent from previous month plus this month. now tells me it will be paid plus two months ahead which would have been last week now telling me two weeks. Im ready to evict her but know she will get that money plus felt like i needed to help her. Im at my wits end and ready to evict her with all the fibs.  Sincerely Mike Van Winkle

Too often I have found tenants take advantage of the landlords kindness, this is a business and sympathizing with the tenant often makes you loose out.  I have heard horror stories about section 8 and have seen it impact landlords and properties. Evict this tenant and report them to the HUD office so they may be held responsible for taking advantage of this social system put in place to help people that need it, not cheat it.
There should be a place where landlords can name names and tell the truth about awful tenants . I don't mind those that run into problems and need time to pay.  But the liars, they are  absolutely intolerable.  One lie after another about stupid stuff.  If you fall for the first one it becomes a waterfall full of lies.  Evict an show no mercy to a liar.
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