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don't want to renew tenant

Hi, I have a tenant I've been leasing my townhome to for 2 years now. I've decided that I do not want to renew her lease. Does anyone have experience with this type of situation? In addition to wanting to make sure I don't vitiate any laws in the process I also am concerned about creating animosity resulting in her not taking care of the place or even causing damage as well as her being difficult as I show the place to prospective tenants. Does anyone have any advice?.
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This may look harder than it is. It really depends on your relationship that you currently have. If there is a mutual respect simply give the required and fair amount of notice, if not more. The tenant will usually respect this. If you talk to them let them know why...even if it is not the case. Being clear and communicative makes it easier. After the notice discuss with them a date they would like to move out. Let them have the say unless there is something like construction going to happen where you need to set a out-by date. If you let them have the say and sign an agreement, keep it casual and let them know that you may show to new tenants, you can always note that you will be doing updates or some other reason that you need to have the place empty. If given enough time most tenants will move out respectfully as they always look forward to the security deposit. Good luck and I would love to hear how it went!
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