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Is an unsigned lease bind in Pennsylvania?

Hi,  We sent a least to potential tenants to sign on 8/15/2014.  They were to sign and return to us via mail (since we now live in TN).  It has been 9 days (10th day is tomorrow) and they still have not signed and returned the lease.  They contacted us 3 days ago letting us know they "had been really busy at work" and hadn't signed the lease, but asked if they should just hold off on it until they accepted the keys on September 1 (which is when their lease begins). We asked that they overnight the signed lease and security deposit, but have not heard back.   If they have not signed the lease, we have not signed the lease and we have not accepted any monies from them (security deposit, pet deposit, rent monies...nothing), are we under any sort of obligation to them under a 'verbal or implied contract' of some sort?  We have another couple interested in purchasing the home, possibly renting prior to coming to look at the house tomorrow.
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No you have no obligation for them in the state of Pennsylvania, until you have signed forms.  If it is a completely verbal contract you may but if they do not have the keys and no physical transactions happened you are ok. With technology these day you can sign things digitally, by fax, everything in almost an instant. If it is easier see if they can fax or email a signed copy and do a money transfer so that you have everything at once. They may be busy at work but who is to busy to sign forms for a house? Did you do a background check are these tenants going to be good? These can all be signs that you may want to consider.
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