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lease ended

I had a lease end on September 12th and it was on auto renewal ,but I sent notice to my tenants that I renewing them on a month to month and giving them the option to stay or not renew if that was their wish,however the notice was never signed or returned.this morning I received a text message as a notice to vacate by October 4th,clearly in violation of the rental agreement since they should have notified me of their intentions in writing 20 days before the end of their lease.What are my legal rights at this time?
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They should have actually given a full 30 days notice on a month-to-month, you right to a full months rent is required to be paid by them. You can speak to them to give them a fair prorated rent for half of the next month but alert them that they are required by law to give a full 30 days notice and by offering them the prorated rent you and working with them so that you can get new tenants in and they can move out with no further obligation.
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