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how much money to collect now?

I have a qualified tenant. The property is available for July 1st today is April 22.  Do I require the deposit and 1t month rent at signing  this early? or should I do a deposit to hold it and then everything else at a closer date like in June?

If you are not exchanging keys at this time require the security now as a deposit, then collect the 1st and last month as you exchange the keys on move in date. You would want to specify all of this in your lease and have a exchange of keys contract to sign on the day of move-in or a walk through inspection. This is fair and how I handle signing a contract before move-in. Good Luck!
thank you. I was thinking of asking for $500 (non-refundable) to hold it, then the balance a month prior.  I felt it is unfair to ask for $3400 two months prior to move in.
how can I find the best Lease agreement that is going to say at the top Landlord and Tented Lease/ Agreement Contract
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