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Pet Violation and refusal to pay required additional security deposit

I have tenants (5) who stated two of them had small dogs. The lease was amended prior to move-in to include the two dogs. We arrived at the premises to find two dogs on the premises (one came out of the house). When speaking with the tenants, they have decided that since the lease didn't specifically state all information about the dogs, any two dogs were premitted at any time. I don't agree with this since they had specifically stated that there would only be their two dogs outside only during the lease. We have served them a notice of violation for pet violation. Their lease states they forfeit their security deposit and must imediately make an additional one. They have decided they will refuse to pay the additional security deposit. We will need to now serve them a 14 day cure or vacate notice. Is this the correct procedure for KY?   Posted by Rondajean F, FL on Sunday, April 12, 2015
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Yes, this seems correct to my knowledge. However if you inquire at your local court house they will be able to more accurately confirm the proper steps to take and which notices to to send to the tenants and file with the court.
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