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Do I have the right to evict or remove hazards?

I have had continual problem with my tenants;  They have destroyed the outside wood siding by ripping it off and slicing the electrical line to the electric socket that feeds the master bedroom. Dug a huge hole in my back yard about 5 ft. wide and about 2 ft. deep, for a burn pit (too close to my house), dug a trench where they had planned to run the electricity from my house out to the storage building (without permission), they have pink paint hand prints on the exterior of the home, turquoise paint on the driveway, tore up 3 blinds in the home and has been smoking inside the home (not permitted per lease). I gave them 2 weeks to get it cleaned up and fixed. Upon my 2 week inspection, the house is 10 times worse. There is more damage to, black and white paint splattered on my newly painted red porch, more paint on the exterior of the home Black paint on the green and white paint, black paint on the refrigerator, several trailer loads of junk (clothes, pipes, TV's, bed rails, buckets, etc..) dumped in the back yard. Inside the home is a total disaster. Every room was full of junk and carpets were filthy, the house smells of urine and smoke, one room is not even livable, it's full of junk from the floor to the ceiling. I have given them 3 notices to repair the items and remove all the junk with no response.  Rent was due on the 15th of June and she has not paid so I went to place a late notice on the door and found she has mounted shop lights on the exterior of my house using spliced electrical cord and nailed them to the house leaving wires exposed.  I am so afraid my house is going to burn down and want to remove the lights.  I do have a clause in the lease that states no modification can be made to the house with out written consent.
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It seems like you have several reasons to evict. Also when you get to court the judge will ask what the agreement states, and it sounds like you have got it covered. I would get on to starting the eviction process. Just check to make sure you send the correct notice based on your lease term. :) Good luck!!!!
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