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2 tenants on lease and one wants to leave early

The lease is held by two women. One tenant want to leave early and given a 30 day written notice. There are 5 months remaining on the lease. The remaining tenant want to find a replacement roommate. What is the responsibility on the remaining tenant to find the replacement roommate and how much time does she have to do this?  Does she have to demonstrate that she is actively searching and in ding this in timely manner?  Does she have to find a replacement within the 30 day notice period?   What is my responsibility as Landlord?

First of all if this is a standard 12 month lease the other tenant is required to pay through the end unless they find another tenant or the current tenant agrees to take the full rent on. As for finding a new tenant this would want to be done so that there is no layover. Once the other tenant is out the new one promptly moves in and signs the lease. Keep in mind you will want to run a background check on this tenant and follow procedure as if it was a new lease.  Also you will want to make an addendum that the staying tenant agrees to bringing the new tenant on. you want to make sue the tenants will work out together. Again the financial responsibility legally falls on the tenant leaving not the one staying as they should still be paying their half.

When two tenants are on a lease and one wants to leave early, the departing tenant should inform the landlord and co-tenant. What happens if one person on a lease moved out? They may still be responsible for rent and other lease obligations unless a replacement tenant is found or an agreement is reached with the landlord. The lease terms and local laws will guide the process and any potential penalties.

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