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Tenant Demand Letter: Retroactive Rent Reduction for Construc

My (month-to-month) tenant sent a Demand Letter requesting retroactive reduction in rent ($400 per month/4 months) due to condominium roofing construction in complex.  Requested this reduction due to construction noise, debris, contractor parking challenges and unsightly stucco / painting.  Also requested this due to next door neighbor's remodel noise and contractors parking in resident parking spots.   We had no control over these issues and did the best we could to advise HOA property manager to enforce parking .  How much should we grant for a retroactive rent reduction?  It should also be noted the rent hasn't been raised in two years because of her complaints and property is well under market rate.  She is also month-to-month. Any advice or experience here?
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If an owner lived in this condo would the insurer or the mortgage company reduce or cover cost for these?  Not likely.  It is no different than if the city decided to tear up the road in front of the property for a while.  Inconvenient? Yes, but it doesn't require you to reduce rent.    Would the tenant like you to demand retroactive rent increase because the unit is below market rate?  Of course not.  At this point this tenant seems 'entitled' enough that I would not give any discount.    On another note, if the tenant is month to month, take a look at your local market rates combined with any rent control issues and start raising your rent.  If this tenant is enough of a PITA, raise it directly to market rate if allowed by local/state law.  The tenants complaints should only affect your repairs for items that you recognize are habitability issues or protect your property.  Tenant complaints should not reduce rent.
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