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Not Wed co-lease signers

Two Tenants not Wed, They split up due to drug usage by the female and theft of male property to support her habit. Police were called several times and reports made. I gave 10 day eviction notice and male left the day of the notice and female left 15 days later After the house was cleaned out the male requested a lease with him only which I granted and he signed it. The security deposit I still had so I request none. Question, could I be made liable for discrimination by the female,by doing so and was I within my rights to issue a new lease to the male on the same property.
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If there were criminal charges you do not have to worry about any type of discrimination charges for eviction them. However you  do want to make sure that you do not discriminate for any other reasons like religion, race, family etc. And you most certainly rent out to the older tenant if you feel they would still be a good tenant.
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