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Tenant moved out before lease expiration

I have a tenant who moved out after six months on a one year lease. He is up to date on rent. Can I charge him fee I will have to pay to the leasing agent? Also, can I charge him for  re keying charges?

Usually the tenant would have to pay until you find a new tenant or lease expires (which ever comes first) but it is very important that the landlord does not just sit back and wait for the term to end. The landlord must take the necessary steps in finding a new tenant. Good luck!!!
If your tenant is paying the rent on time and is up to date, what is the problem. The tenant is renting from you still, he does not have to live there as long as all the bills are being paid. The problem would be if he stops paying. As long as his rent is to date you cannot change the locks on him that is illegal. The only way to charge for a change of locks is if it is in the lease. If he stops paying you then you can charge him for looking for a new renter. You should get a written notice from him saying he is leaving, then you can change the locks, file an eviction, or come to an agreement.
I am having the same situation. I gave her a 60 day notice and she is moving out April 1.  What do you do? I served her personally and by mail.
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