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broken lease when couple split up

I have a question. We have a rental that an unmarried couple signed a 1 year lease on. The lease expires oct 16, however they broke up and the man stayed there, but met another girl and moved to her house. Now he says that since a new lease was not drawn up to take the girls name off,  that the lease was broken and no longer valid. Is that true?

No this is not true at all both parties are actually responsible for the full term of the lease and the rent must be paid each month until the last day of the lease. You have the legal right to collect all months of rent and fees that accumulate until the final lease day. You do not need to draw up a new lease and that tenant is in violation of the lease by not paying or even having a new tenant move in without authorization.
Thank you very much! It didn't make sense to me but figured I better ask t be sure  :)
Maybe I am doing this wrong, but this is why if they are not married, I only put one person on the lease as the main person and the other as an occupant.  The main person on the lease is then responsible for the terms of the contract and I don't have to get involved in the messy break ups.  I only want to deal with one person from beginning to end.  I used to put all parties on the lease as responsible tenants but caused more headaches when they break up, and my experience has shown that if they aren't married, they will probably break up sooner than later.
That is a good idea!
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