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Sub Leasing

I have a rented a townhouse to 3 single individuals, all are on the lease and they are good tenants. One is moving out and has found someone to sublease his room to. Is it best to prepare an addendum to the lease and have the new person go through the application process? Any samples would be helpful.

Yes, Absolutely start from scratch with this new person application, background check etc. Also there is an addendum that you can dd directly to the lease for all tenants to agree on and sign and then create a lease for the new tenant.
For one, you have not mentioned if you rented to four people independently or not but I will assume you mean one lease with four people on the lease collectively. I don't think I would ever do that because of the potential complications and nightmares of the blame game. If you have knowledge of their subleasing and fail to require an application and updated lease or renewed lease for the new occupant you are setting yourself up for more problems later because you were aware and did nothing regarding the lease.  You are effectively letting the tenants become a landlord with renting rights. This could duplicate over and over again until you don't have a lease for anyone living there. Then you want to evict when you have nothing showing you rented to them. You need to put your foot down before it gets out of control. You need to add the new person to the lease period or don't renew the lease when it comes due and get out of this mess.
Where do i find an applicants response on the web site?
Not really. That would make the friend a sub-lease to your daughter and not you (landlord). you can 1. Only keep your daughters name on the lease that way she is solely responsible for everything (rent and damages). 2. List both as tenants and nothing more. How two or more tenants divide the rent (and deposit) is of no concern to the landlord just as long as the payment is made.
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