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Tenant thinks my lease is void

I purchase my first triplex back in September and inherited two tenants.  Both of these tenants already had a lease in my place with the previous landlord. To my knowledge that lease was void because the old landlord doesn't own the property anymore.  So I used one of the templates online to create a new lease.   I did not change any of the terms at all merely just changing who was the landlord and how to pay.   Currently she isn't paying rent and I have discovered she is smoking in my property.  So I am trying to move forward with the eviction process.   She is arguing with me that my lease is void because her previous lease hasn't expired.  She did sign my lease without a problem in September so I don't understand to issue.   Is my lease valid?

There should have been a termination of the previous lease, but she signed the new lease so she must agree to the terms.
her previous lease is nil and void the minute you signed a new one with her, start eviction process to show her that you are serious, I learned this the hard way make sure you follow the law by the letter, especially when it comes to service and methods of service.
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