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Owner needs to terminate a lease because of death

I wanted to rent our father's house out to help pay for his health care.  He is in a residential home care, but looks like he may not live much longer.  The house is in a Trust.  Once he passes, then the estate needs to be settled between 2 sisters.  All of this could happen inside the time period of the year lease.  Is there a way to add a  clause to the lease allowing early termination by owner if this, or when this event happens?
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You can add that clause however this should be an agreement that the 2 sisters have to honor the full term of the lease and settle after the lease is up. There is no purpose dragging tenants into it and is actually kind of unfair not to mention unprofessional. This of renting a property as a business, tenants are your customer. If the managers are constantly arguing that is bad business. I hope this helps without being to abrupt.
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