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Can I demand the rental be cleaned?

My tenants have one month left  in their lease.  However, when I sent a Notice to Enter two weeks ago by email I received an email in return informing me that they had "started" to move out and that the house was a "bit messy".  When my real estate agent and I entered the home the next day, all furniture had been removed, kitchen cabinets emptied and not even a roll of toilet tissue in either bathroom.  They're are piles of clothing and books scattered about making it very difficult to walk through.  In addition, there are dozens of smashed animal crackers, dozens of small pieces of candy and used paper plates with pizza crusts all over the living room floor.  The house is in total disarray.  I don't want to offend, but am I legally able to demand that things be cleaned up??  Any help is appreciated!
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Yes I would send them a cleanliness violation notice and let them know to please fix the issue or they would be losing some of their deposit for you to hire cleaners. That is what I would do. I would also look up your laws and really read through your lease and make sure cleanliness is a tenant responsibility in the lease agreement. good luck
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