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Had Property manager, They were not doing what I needed, so we parted ways and sent out letters that I would be taking over, the Tenants still had six months left, but I needed to have them resign the lease with my info on it, they decided not to, and they talked about giving me their 30 day notice, which they did, on 11 Jan, but they still owe some rent from Dec, and all of Jan rent. so now im trying to show the House, I give them their 24hr notice but now im getting some resistant, So im asking if anyone knows for NC law, do I have the right to show people inside if they are not there?  also since they are leaving do I need to wait until they leave to sue them for the whole amount that is due,
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As long as you send 24 hour notice yes you can. Make sure you send it by Phone, text email and paper notice so that there is proof that you gave the proper amount of notice then you may enter the property and they cannot refuse you. Once they are out of the property you would want to sue them so that they cannot cause more damage to the property, doing so while they are still there is taking a high risk.
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