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DC - I don't want to renew my tenants lease

I own a townhouse in Washington DC which I have rented for the last ten years to different people. I read a lot about DC code 42-3505.01 but I'm super confused. In 2013 I signed a yearly lease with my current tenants. Then, we renewed for another year, which expired in August 28, 2015. Since then, we never renewed our lease and now I want them to leave since I would like to maybe move-in for a few months so I can do some upgrades and then put it for sale or rent. Questions: 1) Should I assume we're in a month to month lease now because we haven't signed anything since the lease extension expired in August 28, 2015? If so, can I just send these ladies a non-renewal notice to finally terminate the month to month lease? I would give them 60 days notice if necessary. 2) If we aren't in a month to month rent, can I just sent them a non-renewal notice to terminate the lease as of August 28, 2016 ?? 3) Would a non-renewal notice be enough or a have to have a legal reason to ask them to leave my property as the lease has expired? We don't get along very well and I don't want to wait until things get worse... Please, advise. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
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as long as you give 30 days notice for a month to month and 60 days notice for a year and higher I believe you are okay to get them out. :) GOOD LUCK!
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