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My name is Ashly I have recently became a widow at 28 loosing my husband of 30. My children and I found him passed away in our current apartment. I went to pmp to discuss them helping me get out of the year lease since I just signed October last month. My children are traumatized by what happen to us on November 7th. The guy literally laughed in my face and said pay the rent till we find some one else. I have no income now that I had to leave my job due to circumstances. Please help!!!
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This is horrible and I really do sympathize with you and your family. I'm truly sorry for your loss and wish I could share good advice, however by law in most state even if the tenant passes you are still responsible to pay rent for the full term of the lease. Now the property management company should never treat you that way and should work with you and have your rental unit as high priority to fill with new tenants. This should get you off the hook asap. In the mean time work to pack and ready your apartment for showing to new tenants and make the place look inviting so that new tenants will take it. Good luck and my condolences .
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