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If tenant refuses new lease with rent increase, what do they pay?

My M2M lease renews with my tenant on the 7th of each month. I just gave them proper 30 days notice for a 6.2% increase ($100) that will start January 7th. They have refused the increase and told me they will be looking for a new place (which is what I had hoped would happen). I reminded them that when they found something, they needed to provide me the proper 30 days written notice of them leaving. Obviously, they won't be out before January 7th, maybe not even until after February. My question is: if they refuse to renew the lease at the new rent amount, do they pay the old amount until they give me the 30 days notice? Or can I hold them responsible for the new amount until they leave?
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You need to evict them and yes you can hold them responsible for the rate of the new rent for each month that they stay in the rental unit.
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