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Lease Requirements for converting to M-T-M Lease

When I purchased my duplex, I inherited a tenant whose lease ends March 1.  My tenant has expressed a desire to remain after that date.  However I want to renovate her unit and move into it myself around late summer or early fall.  I do not want to divulge this to the tenant.  I also do not plan on asking for more rent.    The way the current lease is written, after the lease expires the contract converts to a month-to-month arrangement.   Do I need to enter into a formal M-T-M arrangement when the lease expires on March 1?  Or can we continue on as we have been doing, with me giving her ample notice when I'm ready to begin renovations?
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All you need is a 30 day notice to vacate or non-renewal notice. You only have to uphold the lease until the end of the original lease agreement. If they are good tenants then you can make an agreement to make the updates and hold the property for them until the updates are done.  If it will be a lengthy rehab project you can simply let them know your intentions and that they will need to vacate.
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