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tenant's rights for long term, non-paying 'guests'

Our daughter and our 3 grandchildren have been living in one of our houses, a 4 bedroom 2 bath, for 6 years. For the first 3 years she paid her rent and other bills  like clockwork. Then she lost her job..3 years ago. She has not been working since, nor has she been paying rent. We have let them stay there, of course, because we would not let our family be homeless. We also pay for the food and utilities and any other expenses that her child support does not cover. The problem is that now her boyfriend has been staying there 3 to 4 nights a week. He contributes nothing, not even food. We told them that he has to pay the utilities which are around $300.00 a month. So his strategy is that he has been breaking up with her every month the day before the utilities will be shut off, and comes back when it's paid(by me, of course)  I actually let it get shut off a couple times and he just waits till it's back on to come back.  I have talked to her, and she says he refused to pay. He says he doesn't live there, so he shouldn't have to pay anything. I suspect he has been bringing marijuana into the house, but cannot prove it. She seems to have a blind spot where he is concerned.  The utilities in that town are all in one bill; water, sewer, electric,and trash pick-up. I cannot let the kids go with out such basics, especially water. Do I have any recourse,  or do you have any suggestions?
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It is tough when it is your kids but if he is not on the lease or nothing pertaining an additional occupant there is no way to have him removed. I would just give her more warning than you would a stranger, that she will need to find a place if you want to have them out of the property and her still find a place, or even offer her to live back home because that usually puts a fire under children to get things done. LOL  just opening up suggestions. Good luck!
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