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pay rent?  Me?  I thought this was a gift!

So my tenants are divorcing.  She just moved out and he's staying.  I only know this because we just listed the house for sale and the realtor went to spot check the house.    They have been late for the last 5 months on the rent, but have always paid.  Till this month.  Now shes out of the country and he's not taking to anyone.    ive always charged $15.00 per day as per our contract, but this crap is getting out of hand.  Its time to up the fee.  BTW, they have been a good tenant for almost 4 years.  Till 5 months ago.     I want to up the fees to $25 a day, can I do this?  And if not, why?
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You cannot change the fees in the middle of a contract however you can evict them and use the security or take them to small claims. Both parties are still responsible so long as they are still on the lease. Do not be afraid to track both of them down to collect.
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