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Tenants not getting along!

**NEED ADVICS** I have a 2 unit up/down Rental.  Upstairs Tenant (61yr. old female) has lived in her apt. for 8 years (no complaints or issues from other tenants).  New family of 4 moved in April 2015. The kids are 9 and 14.  The 9yr old has autism.  Upon moving in, the upstairs & downstairs tenants were getting along for the 1st month or so.  Something happened with a plumbing issue (I think the family thinks that the upstairs tenant blames them for it??) and the downstairs family would constantly complain that the upstairs tenant was slamming their door, tv on loud, talking loud. The family would call and text me at all hours.  Spoke to the upstairs tenant to be mindful (autistic soon sensitive to noise etc.). She said she would go thru alternate door, turn tv down low at night.  Things seemed to be okay but then the family called the police to report noise back in Oct. The family was then being very sneaky, taking light bulbs out of the common foyer and basement.  Upstairs tenant got upset by all this nonsense.  I tried to get both parties to discuss the issues together but they never happened.   Family called police again in November on noise complaint.  Family then had the autistic son's Doctor send a letter stating that he has issues with noise etc.  In the meantime, the family would say condescending comments to the upstairs tenant, even take pictures of her  and her family members at different times, from inside their kitchen as she was leaving!  My husband and I tried to call the family to discuss further but they hung up on my husband!  I gave them 72 hours notice that I would discuss this in person ( I live 2 hours away). Got their and the family refused to open the door and screamed at me!  So tired of this!   I've consulted my attorney and he recommends to send a letter to the family.  What is the best way to advise that their behavior will not be tolerated - they are on the line of harassment! Unfortunately the family has called the police for a paper trail!  Looking for some good verbiage to send the message to the family that enough is enough!   Any advice would be great!
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You have to come to some sort of conclusion to this, especially now that you have a family with a handicap child this is a very tough situation. Make sure that when evicting or if possible helping the tenants find a new rental, you do not infringe on anyones rights.
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