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Landlord breaking lease

Can I break my lease to move back into my rental after a divorce?   Rick  WI

You can break a lease if it is agreed upon by both parties, or if it is a month to month you must give the proper notice to end the lease. Usually it is 30 day but may be up to 90 depending on the state and city that you are in. Check your local laws and if need be contact an attorney. If need be negotiate with the tenant and help them find a new place or give them some kind of incentive that you both agree upon .
For tenancies on a fixed term (year or longer) Have to provide at least 60 days notice to end tenancy. Oregon has a no cause eviction as well. Good luck!!!
I was under the impression that most states forced the new owner to take over the lease unless there is specific language to the contrary in the lease.
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