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Cancelling Lease

I signed a document that the apartment complex said is the lease on June 9, 2016 with me scheduled to move in August 27, 2016. I gave a $98.00 deposit.  I am retiring and due to family matters I have decided to move to Texas.    On June 27, 2016, I went to the apartment complex and wrote a letter stating that I was cancelling my lease and that I won't be moving in August 27, 2016.  They have sent me a letter and said unless they can rent my apartment by August 27, 2016, that I will be liable for the lease.    I have given them 60 days notice that I'm not moving in.  They can keep my $98.00 deposit.  Can they make me liable for a lease when I'm not even going to pick up keys and move in?    They said they will try to lease it but I'm not sure how hard they are going to try.  I haven't heard anything back from them yet.
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That is rough. Because you started the lease, so you are responsible for the lease until the landlord either finds a new tenant or the term is up, which ever comes first. However, the landlord is obligated to be searching for a new tenant.
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