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Ages of tennets

Hi , I have an over-garage apartment just complete and have final with C.O. This is in Florida and we wish to lease to max of 2 persons but want to lease or be occupied by to no one under 18. Can we age discriminate an say no child under 18 ?

You cannot sign a lease with someone that is under 18 anyway, they would still be a dependent of their parents. However I would always speak to an attorney if you have any questions and never post anything in your property advertisement about age this could be considered discrimination.
Thank you , this partially answers my concerns. I wish to totally disallow anyone under 18 in other words adults only with no kids.
Advertise via sign or other means that you will collect applications for those that want to be considered. The most qualified person will be selected. If applicant's ask what the qualifications are: Criminal history; Credit History; Length of Employment; Funds in full, i.e., security deposit, first & last months rent, pet fee (if pet is allowed).
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