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Flea infestation

My question is do we as landlords have to pay for a flea infestation brought on by tenants dogs? My tenant wants new carpet now and has a disabled daughter. I do not want her daughter to suffer because she is bed ridden. She has trashed a brand new house and after 5 years I just want her to leave. She is on a month to month lease. But I want to know if I am responsible for replacement? She was authorized to have one dog, but she has two now. I hope that you can help. We live in Michigan if that matters. I believe it should be the same across the board. I have no specific wording in the lease about it other than mice, etc that of coarse I would cover.
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First Evict that tenant or give them a 30 day non renewal o move out and Take pictures, then use all of the security deposit to help cover the cost of repair. this does include flees brought on by pets. Especially if you do not allow pets. Get receipt and all estimates from the professional that makes the repairs and treatments.
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