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Pet Rent

How do I add to the contract under Pet that only one small cat be allowed in the entire house?

I always use the Pet Addendum and you can add it under the pet section as well. It is good to allow pets. Some families are forced to get rid of their pets because they have to move and many landlords do not allow pets.
The pet Addendum allows you to specify what type of pets you allow. Be sure to take a large enough deposit to replace/clean carpet. I cant tell you how many times I have had to replace or clean carpet due to cats.
You can mention in your rental agreement about this clause. The agents at Cloud Real Estate clearly mentioned in my rental agreement about the pet policy.
In the pet policy section, you should specify which types of pets are allowed. And it could be any pet  you wish. You can even specify the breed of cat.  Some landlords instead of, or in addition to, banning certain breeds,  limit the weight of pet.
I have tried allowing tenants to have 1 pet and it has been an issue to the point that they end up with a dog whose pregnant and then start collecting more pets such as rodents, cats, and more dogs. I suggest you don't allow pets it is a hassle and if you truly only want a tenant to own 1 pet then you will have to research before renting to a person.   As to how too put it in the lease go on this website and do a lease agreement and there is a line with pet rules and you can type in 1 pet allowed and then at the end of the lease agreement it ask is there any additional information you want on there well make sure you specify ONLY ONE PET IS ALLOWED (CAT). That should be good enough
what do you all charge for a pet fee? non refundable V's pet deposit refundable?
Ok as a landlord and agent of several other Landlord's & a Co-Op city manager I can give you a full rundown on Pet Rent and laws or ethics.
Ok as a landlord and agent of several other Landlord's & a Co-Op city manager I can give you a full rundown on Pet Rent and laws or ethics.
Pet rent is to help with general wear and tears when outside pets would of course dig holes and chew on things that are not allowed to be destroyed this also includes inside damages it's for dogs cats and animals that are known for destroying our property now this doesn't waiver our rights to sue for damages but a tenant can state to a judge that the pet rent should have coverage for some damages so it's best for you to calculate damages and make sure the pet rent didn't cover actual costs before you sue. Also in some States pet rent is considered part of Main rent so be careful with that as if it's been established in one state it applies for all States , under United States Code
Now on to some laws that applies to service animals  Under Federal law no landlord shall make tenants pay pet rent or security deposit for service animals a service animal is not a pet  But a titled being for services
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