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Tenant divorcing wants to break lease early, Long story...

OK, so they renewed the lease/ They are getting divorced and one (let's call him John)  left he house and went somewhere else. She (Jenna) has a boyfriend and almost never is in the house. Jenna ignores my calls. Jenna was late a couple of times but she is paying. She cannot afford the rent on her own. He is no longer leaving there, he left the place a couple of months ago, (MONKEY WRENCH coming) he claims that she forged his signature on the renewal. And he has been communicating with me because he wants out of the lease, since he really never signed it. He told me that she will be breaking the lease next month. I have not heard anything from her, nothing. But I expect this happening soon. The lease doesn't expire until next year.  SO what options do I have? I was going to offer to stay until I find someone.....But can she pay it? I'm afraid she can't.  Thoughts? I just need an strategy. Help....I'm just a rookie, but have been renting out for 5 years now.

If she can't pay it, she probably shouldn't stay. HOWEVER, The situation sounds very suspicious. If the husband said his signature was forged, then does that mean she was the one paying the whole time? So maybe she can handle it. I would definitely reach out for information from an attorney. GOOD LUCK!!!
Thank you. Well, her father has been giving her the money to pay. I see the checks deposited and they belong to her dad. They used to pay cash but now it is checks from her dad
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