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Rent to own to relatives

I have family that is buying property in NV and they don't always pay on time and they work out of the property without a business insurance or license.   Insurance was on property but due to their business and messiness the company cancelled policy.  They were told to get proper insurance so owner will not be liable and they still have not obtained proper paperwork.  Need to know what our options are.  It's hard since it's family but they don't care anymore since they have taken advantage of the situation.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

That is tough. Its always been a hard lesson to not mix family and business. For some reason it never ends well. I would let them know they have violated their agreement with non payment and running an illegal business out of your property. Give them a chance to fix the issues and let them know if this does not get fixed they will be evicted.
They have been told but they say it's their house now and they will pay when they can since the holidays are upon us.  After the new year is when something will be done if anything can be done.
I sense your frustration and being overwhelmed with doing the right thing but put yourself in their place - would you do this to your family? That being said the longer you wait the worst it is going to get - I know. Anyway EZ Landlord has several Notices that will help you with notifying your tenants that they are in violation of their Lease Agreement and you understand their situation but you also have obligations to meet. Be polite but firm and let them know they need to move since they are unable to meet the terms of their Lease Agreement.  Send them a 5 day eviction Notice since they are unwilling to pay then contact the Sheriff and have them removed. If you choose to accept the rent be prepared for more of the same disrespect and abuse.  Or give them a 30 day Notice and don't accept any rent from them just tell them they have to move. As for back rent and damage you may have to sum this up to a life long experience and never place yourself it such a situation ever again. Best Luck! mj
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