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Teanant cleanliness issues

Hi, I have really messy tenants... Garbage left for weeks. Left over food, pizzas, empty beer and coke cans everywhere including counters, tables, floor, etc. Flies everywhere, etc. I issued the tenants a Maintenance/Cleanliness Violation and gave them a date when I would inspect... I suspect that they will FAIL inspection. What are my next steps? I don't necessarily want to evict; rather, I want to force them to clean up. Should I start monthly cleanliness fees? Some kind of fees? What are my options? Thank you so much!

Hey I know how you feel. I would add an addendum to add a cleaning deposit or cleaning fee. Just check your gov's website to be sure you are allowed to do that.
I would just add an addendum to add cleaning fees to the lease agreement, either a cleaning penalty or deposit. Just check your gov site to be sure you can do this.
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