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Failing inspectionInspector Request

I went through inspection twice already and the inspector failed me because he wanted me to build a "3ft x 3ft platform" attached to window that is maybe 6 feet high from the floor in a bedroom.  I had 3 steps install with a rail and he said that was not what he wanted me to do.  He took pictures and told me he would check with his supervisor and see if would pass.  He called me and told me she did not pass it.  I tried calling him back and they have a thing, "only call him once".  Well before he came out we had called him several time, not only me also the tenant.  He was not a happy camper and he will not give me his supervisor number.    Has anyone been through this before?  Several people was telling me a latter should be acceptable.  Can someone tell me what I should do?  Thanks, Felicia from MD
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FIND A NEW ONE! That is ridiculous! You are paying them!!! They should not be treating you that way!
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