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Parents as cosigner agreement forms

The prospective tenant has a diagnosis of depression. Her parents would like to consign the lease, and be responsible for all financial requirements. I plan to have a credit check for them and tenant. Even though, per tenant's mother informed me that her daughter has been evicted in the past and is currently unemployed, with issues due to her diagnosis. I think it would protect me , legally to have documentation of tenants past. Would you recommend this action ?
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Yes, I would also have a Dr.s Diagnosis to have on record. Anyone can claim they are depressed but that is still no reason to mistreat the property or break the rules of your rental. Depression can be treated in many ways and the tenant should remain compliant with your rules as well as non-destructive. I would also add a custom portion to the lease saying at first offense they will be evicted. I hope that this helps and gather as much background info as possible. Even contact the previous Landlord.
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