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Refusal To Clean

My tenant shares a laundry room with another and is constantly leaving bins of her dirty laundry in there.  I have asked her numerous of times to remove.  I have even posted a sign. However, she continues to leave it in there.  Can I close the Laundry Room from her, and tell her to go to a her local Laundry Mart?  Can I remove her clothing, and put it in her unit? My other tenant cannot stand the smell.  Please Help. :)
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Yes you can send her an official notice and let her know that if she continues she is breaking the lease one for not cleanliness and another for disturbing the peaceful enjoyment of others. Notify that she will be evicted as this is an infraction of the lease and you are in your right to if she does not correct or cease. I would not touch her cloths or belonging and do not lock her out of something that was written into the lease. Once an official notice is mailed to her, heck even send certified, she should fix the issue. If this does not work evict her this threat and notice alone should solve the issue.
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