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Can a tenant who is not living at the house be taken off the lease?

My  tenants have separated and the wife has moved out and would now like to come off the lease. Is this a good idea or am I obligated to remove her? Thanks

I would just amend your lease to remove the tenant and keep the other tenant.
But as I understand, the owner and tenant living in the rental would need to agree to take her off the lease. Thanks
I am in the same situation but my tenants were never married and the male moved out and the female still lives there and I need to know if i am required by law to pay him the deposit back because he is trying to bully me to do so, she is still paying rent on time and has no intentions to leave, but I still need the deposit for damages in case there are any when the lease has ended and she moves out  Thanks in advance for any help  I am in the state of Indiana
On your lease, you should have made all tenants joint and severably liable for the rent.  If you did, and one is vacating early, then no, you do not have to give his deposit back until the lease term with all the tenants in the house is up.   If you created separate leases for them all, then that's a different situation.
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